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This International Women’s Day, donate in tribute to a woman 

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About International Women's Day

Around the world, women and girls are underrepresented, undervalued and underestimated.
But this International Women’s Day, you can help advance equality by donating in tribute to a powerful woman in your life.

International Women’s Day is a moment dedicated to honouring women while also recognizing the work that needs to be done to achieve gender equality around the world.

Donate by March 8 to make a tribute that helps women thrive and empowers the next generation of girls.

How it works

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Honour someone

Think of a special woman in your life: a friend, family member, colleague or teacher who has had a powerful impact on your life.

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Give tribute

A personal message will be sent through email to the woman you would like to honour, telling them why they are important to you.

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Make an impact

Your tribute goes on to fund life-changing global programs that help unleash the power of women and girls.

Recent Donations

Selen Akın$100
Ron Hinksman$45
Eva Rutledge$45
Amanda Panacci$100
Susan Monahan$20
Mary Anne Perta$15
Mary Anne Perta$15
Mary Anne Perta$15

How your donation can help

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 access to education

Providing uniforms, and classroom essentials, such as pencils and books, helps keep girls in school longer so they can unleash their full power and potential.

economic empowerment

Provide access to skills training so that women are empowered through small business and income generation opportunities.

clean drinking water

Increase access to clean water, helping save girls and women hours of time spent collecting water for their families.

Rakayatou carves a new path 

With the help of Plan International donors like you, Rakayatou – a single mother in a Cameroon refugee camp – joined a women’s vocational course to foster her future and finances. “I decided to act.”

Rakayatou chose carpentry, crushing stereotypes. Already 100 graduates are equipped to startup businesses, defy gender norms and drill into their equal power.

“Now I make money to care for my children and their education.” Rakaytou strives to be her own boss.

Now, thanks to this opportunity and donors like you – Rakayatou is carving wood and a better path for future generations of women.