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Plan International Campaign - Because I am a Girl

Nikola Lee

Nikola Lee

Due to their gender and age, girls are still subjected to prejudice and exclusion all throughout the world. However, it is evident that this bias against girls is most prominent in under-developed countries. Millions of girls experience violence in their day-to-day lives, preventing them from attaining their goals and ambitions. This violence against girls comes in various forms, including child marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM), street harassment, and sexual exploitation at work.

Simply because they are girls, millions of individuals worldwide are routinely denied their basic human rights. In order to help girls realize their full potential, Plan International's global campaign Because I am a Girl works to change this, by enhancing women's rights on a routine basis.

Girls need supporters like you in order to advance their rights toward equality.

Globally, more than 130 million girls are not attending school. (UNESCO)
Nearly every 2 seconds a girl under the age of 18 is forced into child marriage – that’s about 12 million girls a year. (UNICEF)

Your donation will cultivate real change through various projects run by Plan Canada, including:

Empowering girls in the Philippines to lead, learn, work, and utilise their sexual and reproductive rights, while including all levels of the community as change-makers against gender inequality and gender-based violence, which will enable them to finish their education and make their own future decisions.

Urging young women to create their own businesses in Colombia, teaching girls how to handle their finances, earn a living, and save money for the future.

Educating teachers in Uganda about gender equality and encouraging the enrollment of girls, creating safe learning settings where girls' opinions can be heard.

Plan International Canada is a member of a global group devoted to promoting girls' equality and children's rights. For more than 80 years, Plan International has created strong alliances for children and is currently operating in more than 75 nations. With your help, we can build a society where everyone can reach their full potential.


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Because I am a Girl

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