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Raising Funds for Solar-Powered Hubs

Polar Bear Alley

Polar Bear Alley

Join Polar Bear Alley in supporting Plan International Canada's Gifts of Hope campaign by purchasing 3 Solar-Powered Hubs!

Power innovative change with solar-powered kiosks outfitted with solar panels, charging stations, outlets, internet access and laptops – bringing energy and information technology to the most isolated communities.

These kiosks even emit enough energy to operate a mobile mass food processing machine – jump-starting rural businesses and opportunities for female entrepreneurs.

When you give a Gift of Hope, you help provide tangible goods and support vital programs that put girls in school, food on plates, income in the hands of families and so much more.

Matched Ratio of this gift is 4:1
Your $5,500.00 is matched for a $27,500.00 value!


raised of $16,500 goal


Gifts of Hope - Solar-Powered Hub

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