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Supporting The Mom Shop

Canadian Businesses Supporting Gifts Of Hope

Canadian Businesses Supporting Gifts of Hope

Looking for a way to a way to engage your employees, consumers or vendors in a meaningful way this holiday season? Join businesses from across the country in supporting Plan International Canada's Gifts of Hope campaign! It's easy!

Step 1: Click 'Donate' and make a donation on behalf of your company

Step 2: Share this link with your network and encourage them to donate as well!

Step 3: Feel great that your business is helping children and girls around the world this holiday season!

Learn more about this Gift of Hope:

What will you see when you enter the mom shop? You’ll see entrepreneurial women carving out their own path and designing their own future. You’ll see mothers who are able to look after their families and keep their children nourished, healthy and in school.

This mom shop is in full swing in Senegal, Nigeria and Tanzania, where nearly 9,000 women and over 500 businesses and savings groups are funding and forming their own paths to a better future and better lives for their families and communities.

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