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Supporting Emergency Relief in Ukraine

Ian Martin Group

Ian Martin Group

Support families fleeing deadly attacks in Ukraine

Stories of children pulled from their homes and the arms of their loved ones, fleeing gunshot on foot or forced to hide in cold and dark basements with rocket blasts overhead. Images of cities under fire and families torn apart, unsure if they will reunite. Reports of so many lives already lost. The scale of this escalating conflict is devastating, and though deeply felt, the tragedies are unimaginable.

It can be hard not to feel overcome with helplessness. But we are not helpless.

There IS something that can be done right now to help those fleeing Ukraine: DONATE NOW to help reach and protect children and families in grave danger.

Tragically, children always pay the highest price in war. And with each passing second, childhoods are directly under attack.

Together, each and every one of your contributions can have immense power to help save lives and childhoods. And it’s vitally important we act as quickly as possible.


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Emergency Relief for Ukraine

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