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It’s more than quality and elegance, it’s about the person you are. Each gown facilitates the empowerment of girls around the world through community building programs allowing them to make informed choices about their futures and giving them the tools they need to succeed.

Eddy K dress sales help fund our ongoing commitment to supporting Plan International’s projects to help create a world where we are all equal.

Thank you for purchasing with purpose.
Thank you for using your momentous day to send a message and support gender equlity.
Thank you for making #mydayherfuture.

We recently asked our co-founder, Andrea: What made you want to partner with Plan? Here is what she had to say: I was looking to support a charity that advances children's rights and equality for girls, so Plan invited me to Africa to visit some projects and the rest is history!

Andrea, co-founder of Eddy K, visiting one of Plan's project


🌟 Celebrating International Women's Day 🌟 Today, as we honor International Women's Day, we celebrate the strength and potential of women worldwide. At Eddy K, we proudly stand with women everywhere, supporting equality and empowerment.

Happy International Women's Day! 💞


Did you know that Plan International Canada helped 460,290 girls receive inclusive quality education last year? Education is one of Plan's areas of expertise, as it provides new opportunities for these children and, as we know, it is a necessary foundation. We continue to be inspired by Plan's work and are proud to have contributed for the past six years and ongoing. 👊🏼 Retail Partners and Brides can get involved by choosing Eddy K! You can also directly donate if you choose to contribute more or are not on a wedding dress journey.

Education, one of Plan's expertise


Hi! 👋🏼 if you are new here, welcome! We have been working with Plan for over five years and supporting multiple of their community projects such as the End Child Marriage project in Bangladesh & Ethiopia. Through our My Day Her Future campaign, founded by our co-founder, Andrea 👇🏼, we stand with Plan in fighting for children's rights and gender equality. Scroll below to read more about the completed Bangladesh project and trips Andrea has taken to witness firsthand the impactful work Plan does!

Andrea, Eddy K co-founder, in Ghana with Plan

Andrea & Katja were invited to see the impact of Plan International programs in Ghana firsthand. During these four days visiting the most rural communities in northern Ghana, Andrea & Katja were inspired by the powerful stories of women and girls who were able to bring change to their families and communities. We, at Eddy K, are committed more than ever to continue supporting this organization. Watch the video below for exclusive clips from this impactful trip.📹👇



💗#MYDAYHERFUTURE 💗 is our ongoing campaign at Eddy K in collaboration with Plan International to end child marriage. Today we invite you to join the conversation between Andrea, Co-owner of Eddy K and Saadya, Director of Gender Equality at Plan Canada about gender equality and early enforced child marriage which you can view entirely on YouTube. Buying an Eddy K is buying with purpose and we thank you for being a part of this journey with us!

A conversation on gender equality #mydayherfuture


Andrea on International Day of the Girl #mydayherfuture

The four-year End Child Marriage project in Bangladesh was completed in 2021 and we are proud to announce some of Plan’s accomplishments: - 3,600 out-of-school adolescents were trained on gender equality, life skills, sexual and reproductive health rights and child protection through peer mentoring - 84 out-of-school Peer Leaders were trained on guiding mentoring sessions - 1,032 champion fathers and mothers were selected to lead youth-friendly and engaging focus group discussions on early marriage, sexual and reproductive health rights and child protection - 1,246 community conversations were held to inform the public of the dangers of child marriage - 99,000 student workbooks were printed which will be used as a supporting material - 3,000 teacher manuals were printed. Distribution was put on hold due to COVID-19, however, once circulated, these manuals will help teachers guide class sessions on gender equality, child protection and more.

In 2020, we started the campaign “My Day, Her Future” to promote our work with Plan among our retailers and brides, to let them know of this ongoing issue and how every Eddy K dress sold helps make a contribution to the cause. The reason behind the name of the campaign is that a bride is using her special day to help improve another girl’s future. We also started using #mydayherfuture to help promote it better on social media. Watch Andrea introduce our special campaign:

Andrea introducing #mydayherfuture


In 2019, we had the honour of being invited to see one of Plan International’s projects in Malawi. From the moment we got there, we were amazed by the kindness and sweetness everyone greeted us with. We were able to visit a health center, a village clinic, youth groups, two boarding schools and a school for the visually impaired. We felt extremely lucky to be able to witness all the hard work the program has put into this country and how grateful everyone is to have it there. There are no words than can describe this experience, we left Malawi completely humbled by everyone’s motivation to improve and to get to a better place in their lives.

Andrea in Malawi

Eddy K’s journey with Plan International started back in 2018 when we were looking for new way to give back and found out about the ongoing issue of child marriage. We were sadly shocked by the news that child marriage is still such a big problem in so many countries and the more we read about it, the more we felt the need to do something about it. That’s when we heard about Plan International and their commitment, among many other things, to end child marriage. They proposed to focus our help in their then new project in Bangladesh and, of course, we hopped in.


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Ending Child Marriage in Ethiopia

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