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Advisor Learn + Strengthening Women Entrepreneurs in Egypt

Deepak Patel

Deepak Patel

Strengthening Women Entrepreneurs in Egypt is empowering young people in Giza, Egypt to gain the knowledge and skills they need to achieve long-term economic success.

Increased restrictions, laws and social norms limit young women’s ability to claim their economic rights in Egypt. While education may be accessible to girls, the benefits of learning do not translate when they join the workforce as young adults. Unemployment is 2.5X higher among women than their male counterparts due to a gender gap in wages and difficulty in accessing financial and market support. Women also bear the majority of domestic duties and responsibilities, which can be especially difficult in rural areas where they must care for larger-sized families.

Strengthening Women Entrepreneurs in Egypt will work to change this reality.

Your donation will help empower young women to join the carpet handicraft industry, discover new livelihoods, and lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

This $5.5M project began in April 2020, with an anticipated end date of June 2025. Your investment will unlock a 5:1 match by Global Affairs Canada to offer exponential impact for young women in Egypt.


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Strengthening Women Entrepreneurs in Egypt

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