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Sending Over 100 Girls to School

Tallbridge Investments

Tallbridge Investments

Girls in many parts of the world have the desire to continue their studies, but not the means. We want to support Plan International Canada's work to supply that part of the equation.

Tallbridge Invesments has set out to raise $30,000 to help provide over 100 girls in developing countries with the support they need to carry on with their schooling.

This gives young girls choices about a future that doesn’t only include marriage and motherhood. It gives them the choice to do just about anything. Which in turn, helps their families and communities recognize the importance of creating a world where every girl has the chance to harness her unique power to shape her own future and change the world.

Join Tallbridge Investments in supporting this important work by making a contribution to our fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends.

Individual Tax Receipts can be issued only to those with a Canadian address.

Plan International Canada's institutional partners will generously match any donations made to this initiative 6:1 to offer maximum impact.

Together, we can make a difference!


raised of $30,000 goal


Girls' Access to Education

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