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Supporting Girl Power

9 Story Media Group

9 Story Media Group

Together, Plan International and 9 Story Media Group are helping to empower girls globally so they can reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

Girls have a unique ability to change the world and the lives of those around them. This gift is about unleashing that power in every girl. It’s about offering girls nourishment, education and protection.

Last Gifts of Hope season, this life-changing gift helped 2.4 million girls around the world realize their equal power and rights – opening access to equal opportunities for them to thrive and drive their own lives.

Please join the 9 Story Media Group team in raising $30,000 this holiday season for Girl Power, and improve the lives of millions of girls globally.

Matched Ratio of this gift is 8:1, PLUS your original donation.
Your $10 is added to the matched amount of $80 for a value of $90!

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For all questions, please reach out to: Michelle Gallant at michelle.gallant@9story.com


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Gifts of Hope - Girl Power

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